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•  Our esteemed consulting service is helmed by Mo Fitzgibbon: an award-winning director with over 30 years of invaluable industry experience.

• Fitzgibbon's company, Walker/Fitzgibbon TV & Film, located in South Florida and Los Angeles is considered one of the most diversified and creative production companies. Projects include broadcast television in national commercials, promos, animation, reality, variety, biographies, documentaries, and music specials in both English and Spanish. 

She launched her own production company working with big directors like Ridley Scott, Tony Kaye, Spike Jonze, in videos and national commercials for Coke, Burger King, and other top advertisers. Soon after, she herself started producing and directing commercials and music videos. Simultaneously, she gained experience in post-production, graphic design, and special effects for platforms including HBO, MTV, NBC and other channels.

Known for the critically acclaimed Investigation Discovery Channel ID series “Real Vice Miami” and Lifetime Television's Intimate Portrait of Gloria Estefan, she went on to win the prestigious NCLR's ALMA Bravo Award for 'Outstanding Made for Television Documentary'. She garnered top honors for Gloria Estefan's “Don't Stop", including a Grammy nomination in 'Best Long Form' category, and Primetime Emmy consideration for Validsite’s “Cowboy Dave National Commercial.”

New York Film Festival Awards include Gloria Estefan’s music video “Reach” for NBC’s Olympic Worldwide broadcast. She has worked with other well-known entertainers and artists, including Esai Morales, Shakira, Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Chris Williams, Andy Garcia, Mario Lopez, Dan Marino, Jon Secada, and many others.

Her filmography includes award-winning film and video work across genres, and she is proud to be known for innovative direction and extraordinary storytelling skills. She brings unique insights and proven techniques to you, aimed at helping you refine your craft and take your work to the next level.

Mo Fitzgibbon continues to transcend barriers and is constantly evolving to fulfill her ultimate creative journey in the industry. She is a member of Women In Film Los Angeles, Women In FilmTV Florida, Film Florida and Society of Voice Arts and Sciences. Walker/Fitzgibbon TV & Film’s list of clients includes, NBC UNIVERSAL, UNIVERSAL KIDS, FOX, WARNER BROTHERS TV, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, TRAVEL CHANNEL, LIFETIME, HBO, MTV, VH1, CMT, DIRECT TV, FOOD NETWORK, TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, SONY ENTERTAINMENT, EPIC, COLUMBIA, EMI Records, and national advertisers COKE, FORD, HONDA, CELSIUS, NIKE, and many more.


•  You receive tailored guidance, enabling you to navigate the complex and exciting landscape of filmmaking. The personalized mentoring approach ensures that you acquire the skills necessary to effectively conceptualize, develop, and execute your creative vision.

•  Harness the power of practical knowledge and learn the secrets of successful filmmaking from a pro. Mo’s services are designed not just for beginners but also for experienced writers, actors and directors looking to refIne their skills. The program includes comprehensive modules covering pre-production to post-production processes, directing, effective storytelling, visual aesthetics, and more, all tailored to fit your personal needs based on where you are in your career arc.

•  With Mo, you don't just learn the technical aspects of filmmaking. It's about fostering a deeper understanding of the art and business of cinema. By instilling in you the importance of a clear, compelling narrative and visually creative direction, our acclaimed director helps you master the ability to resonate with and captivate your audience. Also, learn how to navigate the business side, from pitching ideas to networking effectively within the industry.

•  Embrace the chance to receive personalized mentorship from a female director who has triumphed in a male-dominated industry. Through her consulting service, she shares her experiences, lessons, and insights, inspiring other women and men alike to challenge norms and break barriers. She fosters an inclusive and supportive learning environment, focusing on empowering creative people to confidently express their vision and create films that leave an indelible mark on the industry and audiences worldwide.

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